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July 24, 2013
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Aquabia: Arvio by Neroyi Aquabia: Arvio by Neroyi


Name: Arvio
Gender: Male
Birthday: June (?)
Age: 26
Height: 6'2ft or 188cm
Species: Showa Sanshoku Koi
Kingdom: Tajar
Class: Soldier


Human Form

+ Formal: When you first speak to Arvio, you'll notice that his figure of speech is insanely formal. He doesn't curse or use slang. He'll greet you kindly and well mannered. Basically, he's serious and uptight---

- Sheltered: Arvio has rarely conversed with anyone but his guardian. He's been around the city, but he's not up to date with the news. (Example: Arvio thinks his sultan is insanely old) This make him very wary of people and not trust them so easily, but with an explaination (even if it's made up) he'll probably believe you no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

+ Intelligent(ish): All he's had were scrolls around him whenever he wasn't out. He's read many things and has many theories-- but he's pretty much stupid when it comes to modern objects. He only knows how to survive out in the wild in the desert or in life threatening situations; not know which drink is alcohol or not--

- Violent: One of the quickest solutions to life is to get rid of it. (One of his theories) He doesn't even think twice before suggesting or even acting upon his actions. If Arvio doesn't feel easy around you, he'll try to attack you; same goes if he sees you as a threat. To sum it up, he doesn't take sarcastic jokes well.

Hybrid form

+ Playful: Unlike his human form, he feels at ease in the waters and tends to joke around. His combat underwater is roughly the same, but it has more of a free style technique. (All the years of training wasted--//shot)

- Uncaring: He becomes carefree and unaware of some things (unless he was ordered to attack you; then you're the only thing he cares about next to H2O ) like a wound on someone or even himself. When he's in the water, all he cares is being in there and feeling free. He doesn't really care about the storms thus making him a tad bit insane.


As a child, he was dumped into the dangerous waters of Tajar by two nobles who couldn't keep a child. Luckily, an ex-soldier exploring the waters happened to find a tiny koi fish drifting about for a while. The baby koi was harmed by the storms and whirlpool; scarring his face and his back. The ex-soldier saw potential in the infant and took him in as his adoptive child, naming him "Arvio" meaning 'the wanderer.'

The ex-soldier seeing as the koi was scarred all over his body, he decided to keep Arvio at home where he was safe from society and its social groups; so he didn't have to put up with kids picking on him. Arvio was alright with this as he stayed at home; his adoptive father reading ancient scrolls to him until Arvio learned how to read. Arvio was never allowed to go outside when he was young, so he'd always look out the window to where all the others would play. It was a small world for him.

In his young teen years, Arvio was able to go outside; but only with his guardian. His adoptive father would take him to empty areas and teach him skills on how to protect himself; using swords or knives. Since he was ambidextrous, he had to learn how wield two swords. He trained in two areas; the desert and the dangerous waters. A tough experience, but he was trained well. Arvio later on enrolled in military school and went on from there. He had the social skills of a rock; so if you were also in military school in Tajar, Arvio wouldn't remember you because just like his social skills, everyone else around him were just rocks.

Years after military school, Arvio is now serving as a soldier of Tajar; but doesn't seem to communicate with the other soldiers as much as he should...

Additional Information
- He won't cut his hair for the life of him (Unless you're a really, really close friend of his and you seriously suggest it to him---) He takes very good care of his hair.
- He's loyal to the army and his country
- Loves being in the water/ is probably one of the insane ones that'd sit through a storm just to be there.
- Has the romance skills of a blob. (Aka; its foreign to him and only exists in books)
- Don't ask him where and how babies are made. You'll regret it.
- He thinks he was born with the scars.
- Ambidextrous; can use both hands.
- Don't sneak up on him on his right side; he has reflexes to flip you over because he's blind that side.
- He. Can. Cook.
- He. Can't. Give. Good. Advice.

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